Fixed Route (FR)

Fixed Route Fares

The base fare is $1.25 for the first zone and $.50 for each additional zone

To determine the exact fare, see the specific Fixed Route Schedule, or contact the Mobility Management Center at 1-866-RIDE ATA (1-866-743-3282)


Fixed routes are appropriate for communities that have enough people living in them and enough destinations to travel to make them an affordable transportation option.   Fixed routes have fixed or established pick-up/drop-off points.

Drivers are not permitted to go off route for any pick-ups or drop-offs.

Because these routes have established points and cannot respond to requests for changes, the fares are the least costly available.   

All fixed routes operating within a community have a single fare of $1.25  

All fixed routes operating between communities have a base fare of $1.25 plus a $.50 fare for each additional zone crossing. 

  • Discount Programs for Fixed Routes
  • Seniors ride free when they use these fixed routes.  
  • Children 12 years of age and under ride for ½ the regular fare (rounded up to the nearest nickel).  

Fixed Routes (FR)

Cameron Fixed Routes

Clearfield Fixed Routes

Elk Fixed Routes

Jefferson Fixed Routes

McKean Fixed Routes

Clarion Fixed Routes

Potter Fixed Routes