About ATA Fixed Routes with Deviation

(FD) or Fixed Routes with Deviation are one of the ATA's most convenient transportation services. Although fares and passes vary per individual this service can be used by EVERYONE!

These routes are allowed to deviate from their regular route to pick you up at your own, more convenient, location up to 1/4 mile from a regularly scheduled route stop! This service can be a most convenient option for those who have mobility issues, if there is inclement weather or for many other reasons. Call our customer service line to schedule your own, more convenient stop today!

The ATA BUS is...

  • Dependable
  • Safe
  • Roomy
  • Affordable
  • ECO Green (even though it's painted orange)
  • A Smooth Ride
  • Accessible
  • On Time!
  • A Community (Park your car - meet nice people)
  • For Everyone

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One of the ways that ATA tries to provide cost-effective public transportation is to operate deviated Fixed Routes.  These operate like fixed routes with fixed stops but unlike fixed routes, are allowed to deviate up to 1/4 mile. The bus may deviate only up to 1/4 mile and only when pre-determined by the Mobility Management Center.  The route's schedule is flexible enough to allow for these deviations while keeping to a time schedule. 

Flag Stops - All vehicles are subject to flag stops along this route. Times may vary due to traffic, road conditions and weather conditions.