Every Trip Counts Video GraphicA video about RideATA and its partners in rural transit.


In the mid1970s, the Pennsylvania legislature enacted the Rural Public Transportation Operating Assistance Program in response to a need for affordable public transportation for the Commonwealth’s rural citizens.

The question, “Is there a mobility problem in rural Pennsylvania?” was asked in 1975 and the answer was “yes”.

In Pennsylvania, public transportation in rural communities is a vital component of ensuring access to employment, medical, recreational and social services for all residents.  Pennsylvania has long been recognized as a leader in public transportation with significant investments of public funds to ensure the continuation of services in both urban and rural areas.

In rural communities, the poor, elderly and disabled, are among the nation’s most isolated citizens, and transportation disadvantaged. The highest concentrations of seniors and disabled individuals in the Commonwealth reside in rural areas. Senior citizens make up around 44% of all transit riders in rural Pennsylvania and over 17% of the rural population is disabled.

For many of them, public transit is the only means of access to their jobs as owning and operating a vehicle is not economically viable.

People who live in more rural areas need the same types of services as those in urban areas. Our local rural transportation systems are people-oriented, which are systems built around every day human needs such as medical care, shopping, employment and educational opportunities, social services and visiting friends and family.

Rural isolation can result in missed healthcare appointments, missed or delayed use of needed medications both of which can have negative consequences for managing health conditions and quality of life.

Long distances are a key barrier for many people living in rural areas. Average trips for medical or dental services are about 9 miles longer in rural regions. Some trips can be in excess of 50 miles one way to reach a more urban center for medical services.

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ATA Board - Meeting Minutes 2019


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FEBRUARY 20, 2019 -  ATA Board of Directors Meeting


MAY 15, 2019 -  ATA Board of Directors - Annual MeetingRideATA for Everyone


AUGUST 21, 2019 -  ATA Board of Directors - Annual Meeting


NOVEMBER 20, 2019 -  ATA Board of Directors Meeting



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January 20, 2019

JOHNSONBURG PA – CONTACT Kelli Surra – ATA Marketing
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ATA NEWS RELEASE: ATA joins "Every Ride Counts" national campaign in 2019

“Every Ride Counts” is the name of a nationwide awareness program from the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC). The program was launched in December 2018 along with the release of a comprehensive transportation survey of older adults, people with disabilities and caregivers. ATA participated in the launch of “every ride counts” during a news conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on December 7th. NADTC is funded by the Federal Transit Administration. It is administered by the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging and Easterseals, with guidance from the Administration for Community Living of the Department of Health and Human Services.

NADTC offers training and support to service providers and transportation agencies like ATA. The mission of NADTC is to assure that older adults, people with disabilities and caregivers are aware of how local ATA Bus 550transportation options can help them get where they need to go. ATA has already distributed nearly 1,000 copies of a publication from NADTC called “Before You Give Up the Keys”. ATA has made this “planner” booklet available free of charge.

Brand new - ATA Bus 550 will soon join the fleet.

ATA Bus 550 displays the logo for NADTC’s

“Every Ride Counts” national transportation awareness campaign.

Click on Photo to Open Full Resolution Version

“NADTC’s publication shows how to “Create a Roadmap for Transportation Independence” with action steps and resources for seniors, family members and care givers making the decision about whether to continue driving.”

The NADTC booklet with personal “needs checklist” card, was developed to help people 65-plus in three important steps – “learn, prepare and act” – so that when the decision is made to give up the keys, seniors will already have a roadmap to guide them to full mobility.

For nearly 45 years ATA has been a transit agency for people of all ages, including area seniors. It provides a variety of accessible bus and paratransit services in Cameron, Clearfield, Elk, Jefferson, McKean, and Potter counties. ATA has a long-standing commitment and expertise to help area seniors in their transition from driving to riding the ATA bus. The agency participates in workshops and senior citizen gatherings throughout the year providing information concerning route schedules, senior photo I.D.’s, and the shared ride for seniors program. (Seniors, age 65+ get an 85% discount on general public fares on non-fixed ATA routes.)
“Most people take for granted that they can wake up each day, get in their car, drive to work, drive home, drive to the grocery store or to a movie, and get wherever they want to go. But for some, the time will come when they can no longer drive a car.”

NADTC Video (3:49 min)  December 2018

“Every Ride Counts”
Have you tried ATA transit? ATA says that its new riders are often surprised how easy it is.
“ATA can be a compass in guiding interested seniors and disabled persons to their mobility roadmap and continued independence. It starts with a phone call.”

Call ATA customer service 1-866-282-4968 to request a free copy of “Before You Give Up the Keys”.




ATA is a six county regional transportation authority with headquarters in Johnsonburg PA, support facilities in Bradford and DuBois and transit centers operating in St. Marys and Punxsutawney.


Kelli Surra
ATA Marketing

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EFFECTIVE January 1, 2019


Completed Medical Travel Verificaiton Forms are due no later than 10 days after the medical travel occurs.

Upon determination of mileage reimbursement eligibility for the Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP) with ATA, you received an eligibility letter stating the general guidelines of the program along with a copy of the comprehensive ATA MATP User Guide. Both documents explained the ATA MATP mileage reimbursement program policy for advanced approval of trips and submitting your completed “Medical Travel Verification Forms” for reimbursement. Page 4 of the ATA MATP User Guide states:

“To claim mileage reimbursement for a medical assistance trip, it must be approved in advance by ATA MATP by calling 1-866-282-4968. The medical provider is required to certify that you were present for your appointment by completing the MA provider section of the Medical Travel Verification Form. You use the completed Medical Travel Verification Form to verify the purpose of your trip and to file your mileage reimbursement request. Submit this completed form as soon as possible after your Medical Assistance trip or in any case no later than 10 days after it occurs. ATA will reimburse you within two (2) weeks of receipt of your completed mileage reimbursement request.”

Effective January 1, 2019, strict adherence to the ten (10) day policy for receipt of the “Medical Travel Verification Forms” will be enforced. MATP USER GUIDE

Any slips received after ten (10) days of the medical appointment will be denied per the policy outlined in the ATA MATP User Guide.

The only exceptions to this rule will be for MATP mileage clients with pre-approval by ATA to submit their forms monthly; and for medical emergencies of which ATA has been notified within five (5) days of the emergency. In either case, verification forms are due within ten (10) days of the end of the month or of the emergency. If you have any questions regarding this policy or if you are in need of a copy of the ATA MATP User Guide, please contact Customer Service at 1-866-282-4968 or download the pdf here.

ATA MATP Program & Compliance Manager

Wednesday, 28 March 2018 12:36

Employment Application

Employment Application (Administrative)

Area Transportation Authority of North Central Pennsylvania an Equal Opportunity Employer

44 Transportation Center, Johnsonburg, PA 15845-2102

Please complete this application with as much information as possible.

ATA Human Resources will contact you for additional information if needed.

(This application is not an offer or promise of employment)

CLICK HERE to FILL-IN & DOWNLOAD the Administrative PDF

Mail or email the completed application





State College, PA – The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) held an event today to announce it has chosen Avail Technologies Inc. of State College, Pa., to implement a Fixed Route Intelligent Transportation System (FRITS) for 32 transit systems that will offer real-time service information for passengers, flexible fare payment options, and enhanced transit planning.

The company currently employs 92 people, 81 of whom work at the State College headquarters, and anticipates a 10 to 20 percent staff increase because of this and other recent contracts.

Avail Logo"We are using data to improve our operations and customer service throughout the department, and we're excited to expand our efforts in improving transit services," PennDOT Secretary Leslie S. Richards said of the event. "This project will enhance transit agencies' data collection and reporting while improving communications with staff and customers."

In addition to the service improvements that customers will see, the enhancements will assist with monitoring vehicles' condition, automatically count passengers boarding or leaving vehicles, and provide a statewide reporting database for the department and transit agencies.

"The way that people use and interact with transportation services is changing, and that includes public transportation," PennDOT Deputy Secretary for Multimodal Transportation Toby Fauver said at the event. "Better data and technology ultimately improves efficiency and meets customer needs."

The nearly $35.7 million, five-year project will begin this spring and installation is estimated to occur over three years. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority and Port Authority of Allegheny County are not included in the project because of their significant time and resources invested in their own similar systems.

"Avail is thrilled to be working with PennDOT and our state transit agencies to deploy the nation's first statewide Fixed Route Intelligent Transportation System solution, which will create a common technology platform across all agencies to facilitate new operational standards and a level of operational data analysis that has never been seen before," said Avail Technologies Inc. President and CEO Dorsey E. Houtz. "The FRITS project will be watched very closely by other states and again, Avail is thrilled to be on the team that will make PA the nation's shining star of technology adoption in fixed route transit."

Public transportation is available in some form in every Pennsylvania county. To see available services, visit www.penndot.gov​ in the "Public Transit Options" section of "Travel In PA."

With nearly two decades of nationwide experience serving the transit industry, Avail Technologies is pioneering total transit solutions and offers products for CAD/AVL, Passenger Information Systems, Finance Management, Payroll Processing, Human Resources, Inventory Management, Maintenance, Asset Management, Procurement Management, Operations, Planning/Scheduling, Statistical Reporting Management, as well as federal, state and National Transit Database (NTD) reporting. The company also has an office in Las Vegas, Nev.

MEDIA CONTACT: Rich Kirkpatrick or Erin Waters-Trasatt, 717-783-8800

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ATA Board - Meeting Minutes 2018

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FEBRUARY 21, 2018 -  ATA Board of Directors Meeting



MAY 16, 2018 -  ATA Board of Directors - Annual MeetingATA HQ Art



JUNE 20, 2018 -  ATA Board of Directors - Meeting



AUGUST 15, 2018 -  ATA Board of Directors - Annual Meeting



NOVEMBER 21, 2018 -  ATA Board of Directors Meeting



DECEMBER 19, 2018 -  ATA Board of Directors Special Meeting



Ecolane Logo 3

 ATA has implemented a new computer assisted scheduling and dispatch system. This change was installed statewide under PennDOT and has been in operation since August of 2017.

     The new ATA Ecolane Mobility System has some new features that have helped ATA riders schedule trips quickly and efficiently.ATA BOC 546

     When you call to schedule a trip, you may be asked for your appointment time instead of a pick-up time. Please be ready to tell us the address of your appointment and we can arrange the pick-up time at your home or another address.

     The ATA call representative will confirm your trip information and fare while you are on the line. This helps us identify you and insure accuracy for your trip reservation.

     You may also call to set up a recurring trip subscription. We welcome these multiple reservations. You will be sent to a special call center representative to create this subscription trip for you on the ATA calendar. It is a very convenient way to manage your trips.

     The evening before your scheduled trip, you will receive an automated phone notification operated by ATA to confirm the pick-up time of your scheduled trip.

     You may notice different driver or vehicle may pick you up for your return trip. This is a new feature of a system designed to enhance your service and ATA’s efficiency. The driver may ask to confirm your identity. Under the new system, it is likely that you will get to know other drivers working for ATA. You will see better coordination of our vehicles and our drivers to accommodate as many passengers as possible.Its My Ride Bookmark Card

     Remember that you must contact ATA for a ‘will call’ to set up the return trip. Our drivers will not be aware that you are ready to go home until you call 1(866) 743-3282 [RIDE ATA]. Ask the driver for ATA’s special bookmark called “IT’S MY RIDE” which has the phone number you need to use for your return trip. Keep it with you.

     Once again you will receive an automated phone notification from ATA about 15 minutes before the ATA vehicle arrives for your return home.

     The new Ecolane trip reservation system ihas improved efficiency and expands rides and service for riders now and in the future. If you have any questions or suggestions, call ATA Customer Service at 1(866) 282-4968.


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ATA Board - Meeting Minutes 2017

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NOVEMBER 15,  2017 -  ATA Board of Directors Meeting


The Fall board meeting was held on November 15, 2017.


AUGUST 16, 2017 -  ATA Board of Directors Meeting

  ATA BOARD MEETING MINUTES 08-16-17Board - Back Cover 11-15-17 Rural Transit Impact


JUNE 27, 2017 -  ATA Board of Directors Meeting (Special Meeting)



MAY 17, 2017 -  ATA Board of Directors Meeting (Annual Meeting)


Welcome to the ATA Summer Board Meeting


FEBRUARY 15, 2017 -  ATA Board of Directors MeetingPhoto by Mike Trunzo - Antelope Canyon