Learn More About the ATA CAB-BUS

CAB BUS service is the most demand responsive ATA offers..

Where CAB service exists, grids/zones are established and show where the service is available. CALL-A-BUS is a public transportation service operated by the Area Transportation Authority in your county.


The service requires prior day reservation, is a shared-ride, and open to everyone.


Prior working day reservation is required to allow ATA to schedule the route of the bus (or van) to accommodate the most people in the most efficient manner.


  • This is a shared-ride which means there may be several people non the bus or van with you. Upon making your reservation you give up exclusive use of that vehicle.
  • Go anywhere you wish within the areas served. Some common destinations are shopping, doctors, work, or senior activity centers.
  • Fares vary according to where you are coming from or going to. When you call to reserve a ride, our dispatcher will give you fare information. As a benefit of the PA Lottery Program, all Senior Citizens 65 years of age or older may ride this route at a greatly reduced rate at anytime provided that prior working day reservations are made. But, remember anyone can ride just by paying a fare.
  • With proper identification that you are age 65 or older (birth certificate driver’s license, baptismal certificate, etc.) you are eligible for the reduced fare. You can obtain an ATA photo I.D. card by appointment.
  • Call ATA Customer Service for details